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Lucille is a versatile Executive Business Coach, Certified Professional Facilitator, and Human Resources Executive, with diversified business experience, outstanding leadership, exception people skills, and a successful record of leading change. 

She exhibits a professional and refined approach, strong strategic insight, and hence, guidance that increases executives confidence in making key personal and professional decisions. 

Lucille provides continuous support and mentorship and genuinely cares about the whole person, creating Life and Work Integration unique to their needs.

Partnering with leaders in organizations to: 

  • support executives to develop their leadership strengths to inspire and impact their people.
  • provide excellent service while not sacrificing the human touch. 
  • distinguish leaders’ strengths, therefore enhancing their ability to lead.
  • listen intently to assess a situation to find the right solution.
  • navigate numerous professional challenges to establish workplace cultures that foster growth and development.
  • build and impact the culture in alignment with the organization’s values and strategic goals.
  • create and execute winning strategies.

mission and vision


The most important and exciting aspect of working with people is to have their self-expression translated into a career that brings them energy, growth, meaning, fun, and financial gain that is personal to them in creating life-work integration.


  • Personable Executive Business and Career Coach.
  • Being known as a professional that impacts all levels of managers and executives regarding their careers, issues, and commitments.
  • Designing and strategizing how to have life and work integration.